Over the past few months I have seen more sales of homes in Covered Bridge Estate from European buyers who have been paying cash. It would appear that we will continue to benefit from more European cash buyers over the next year. On the flip side most of our friends from across the pond are not living in these homes, but renting them.. We need to have a policy for renters in our community or we will be back to what we had 5 years ago.. more investors and more renters.. Please contact our board and stress the need for a New Owners Approval and Orientation, along with a Tenant Approval Policy.

Thanks for your interest.
Peter J. Poe

MIAMI – July 6, 2012 – Europe’s financial woes may be South Florida’s gain – at least when it comes to real estate.

Europeans with extra cash are looking to invest faster in second homes in South Florida before the value of their euro currency drops further, real estate specialists said.

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